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End-to-end services for Clinical Trials

Prove Clinical Laboratories is a leading dedicated clinical laboratory services provider for the CRO industry. Explore the end-to-end services we offer for Clinical Trials.

Our business development services offer end-to-end support, from pre-award to post-award, to ensure your study is successful.

We prioritise customer satisfaction and seek continuous feedback to ensure your research meets the expectations of all sponsors. Partner with us and achieve your business goals with confidence.

Kit Building

Our pre-labeled blood collection kits are designed with your specific trial needs in mind. Customisable to your protocol, site, and visit requirements, our kits come with all the supplies you need and can even be sent as bulk supplies to your site. Our easy-to-use kits will make your clinical trials run smoothly, and our clear and concise clinical requisition forms ensure that you have everything you need to succeed. Worried about resupply orders? Don't be. Our easy kit re-supply process makes ordering and restocking a breeze.

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Logistics Management Services

At Prove Clinical Laboratory, we specialise in delivering logistic services to our valued customers. Our expertise lies in leveraging commercial courier service providers that have been approved worldwide. We understand that every requirement is unique, which is why we carefully select a cost-effective provider that fulfils your needs. Each of our providers is audited and approved to safely courier biological materials and investigational products, as well as laboratory kits, both domestically and internationally. Our shipments are GPS-tracked, and we use temperature-controlled packaging to maintain product temperatures seamlessly, ranging from -80 to +25°C. To ensure the product is stored at the right temperature during transport, we provide temperature loggers that record temperatures en-route.

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Enhance your sites compliance with our Staff Training

Our site training services offer Zoom-based training to your staff, ensuring that they remain 100% compliant with our laboratory requirements. With our expert-led training, your team will have the necessary knowledge and skills to succeed. Invest in the future of your site and its staff with our comprehensive training solutions.

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Sample Management Services

We offer top-of-the-line sample management, allowing you to store your biological samples under precisely controlled conditions. You can trust your samples to our continuous monitoring systems featuring alarm alerts and a backup generator facility. Keep your research on track and safe with our reliable sample management solutions. Our biorepository service facilitates the safe storage requirements of your samples at ambient, refrigerated, -20°C, -80°C, and liquid nitrogen. We monitor all storage areas fully, with backup controls in place in case of power outages. Samples can be stored short, medium or long-term, and can be shipped to your chosen facility whenever required.

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Enhance Your Clinical Trial with Our Expert Database Management Services

Get access to industry-leading LIMS analysts who specialise in developing study-specific databases to help streamline your clinical trial operations. Our comprehensive Database Management Services also include monthly maintenance to ensure your data remains accurate and accessible. You can count on our expert team to deliver reliable and continuous support throughout your trial. Optimise your trial's success with our tailored database management solutions.

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Dedicated Project Management Services for your clinical Trials

Our team is dedicated to ensuring successful clinical trial projects. With our Project Management services, you'll work with a Laboratory Project Manager who oversees the entire process. We provide end-to-end solutions, including study-specific document development and regular updates for sponsors and CRO partners. Stay informed and stay ahead with our streamlined approach.

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Study Close Out

At the end of your research project, our team will ensure that all study-related documents are safely archived and that all kits and samples are properly destroyed. Additionally, we can arrange for the shipment of any stored samples as needed. Trust us to take care of the important details so you can focus on your next project.

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