Safety testing services

Our world-renowned automated platforms provide a full range of screening and safety testing schemes. Our automated chemistry and immunoassay platforms offer a wide scope of tests including serum electrolytes, lipid profiles, diabetes testing, and more. At Prove Clinical Laboratories, we offer comprehensive testing solutions for all your biological testing requirements.

Clinical Chemistry and Immunoassay

Our fully automated and integrated analyzers offer a vast testing scope for serum, electrolytes, renal and liver function, cardiac and bone markers, diabetes, lipid profiles, thyroid function, endocrine and tumour markers, serology, and urine drug screen testing. We also provide esoteric assays like extended lipid testing, complement factors, and further specialty tests. Looking for esoteric assays? We've got you covered with extended lipid testing, complement factors, and specialty tests.


Our fully automated haematology department provides all testing required for complete blood counts, blood film reviews, parasite morphology, PBMC, and buffy coat isolations. Plus, we offer urinalysis with dipstick and microscopy, including sediment analysis to screen for casts, crystals, epithelial, and blood cells.

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Our fully automated coagulation platform offers an extensive testing menu, including routine and specialised coagulation testing. In need of histopathology testing? We have you covered with testing including Prothrombin Time/INR, Activated Partial Thromboplastin Time, Thrombin Time, Fibrinogen, D-Dimer, factor assays, and thrombophilia screening.


We offer histopathology testing that includes tissue processing, special stains, immunohistochemistry (IHC), and state-of-the-art digital imaging, enabling central readers anywhere in the world to review slides easily.

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Sample Management and Biorepository

Our biorepository service facilitates the storage requirements of your precious samples at ambient, refrigerated, -20°C, -80°C. We monitor all storage areas fully, with backup controls in place, in case of power outages. Samples can be stored short, medium or long-term, and shipped to your chosen facility whenever required.

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